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The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Men's Bags & Backpacks

Men's Crossbody Messenger Satchel Bags (Sling/Laptop/Shoulder)

Just as the name implies, this style of bag was originally introduced for the sake of transporting postal mail. And like all practical working accessories of that era, it eventually became a modern style piece. Few styles are as iconic or as practical as the messenger bag. Its usefulness alone will cause it to become your most used accessory.

The stylistic design may vary, but the basic components of the messenger bag rarely do. The bag is often designed from leather or canvas and is attached with a singular strap. The strap is large enough to wear across the body, thus allowing for even and comfortable weight distribution.

But what about style? The messenger bag has been around long enough to spawn many different variants. Choosing the right fit is all about comfort and personal preference. Here are a few of the main categories you will encounter while shopping for a messenger bag.

1. Briefcase Style

The most common material for a messenger bag is canvas. Those that are made from leather are often referred to as briefcase-style messenger bags. Other notable features of this style include a frontal flap with multiple buckles. They often sport multiple pockets on the outside as well. The large size and numerous components make this the perfect bag for carrying books, documents, and office supplies.

2. Camera Bag Style

This is another variation that focuses on adding pockets and compartments for storage. The main difference from the briefcase-style is that these pockets are located on the inside of the bag. This provides an added layer of safety when transporting sensitive materials like a camera lens. These bags are more suited to carrying a variety of smaller items rather than one or two large folders.

3 The Saddle Bag

These are among the most popular crossbody messenger bags. They tend to feature a rounded design and are made primarily from canvas. It's said that these design elements made the bag easier to carry while riding on horseback; hence the name. Luckily, you don't need to own a horse to invest in a saddle messenger bag.

The Advantages Of A Messenger Bag

The market for men's bags has expanded tremendously over the last decade. You have a lot of options at your disposal. What are the advantages of choosing a crossbody messenger bag compared to some of the more modern alternatives?

1. A Professional And Practical Combination

Some men may not like to admit it, but having a bag to carry things at the workplace is very useful. This is particularly true for people who need to transport laptops, folders, and other documents on a regular basis. But it can be difficult to find a bag that is large enough to carry supplies and still look professional enough for the workplace. The messenger bag fills this need.

The classic design of the messenger bag has remained the same for many decades. Combine that with soft brown canvas colors and the result is a bag that looks like it belongs in the office. It also happens to be nearly as large as the average backpack. That should be more than enough space to carry your work supplies from point A to point B.

2. They Never Go Out Of Style

The fashion industry is known for its cycles. Certain products become trends that are bumped out of style only a few years later. The messenger bag has been around for a long time and it hasn't gone out of style yet. As a matter of fact, it's only become more popular in recent years. There's nothing too flashy about these bags, which means there's never anything to hate. A messenger bag is always a smart and safe choice when it comes to fashion.

Choosing The Right Material

This is one of the biggest choices you'll be faced with when shopping for your new messenger bag. The two major options to consider are canvas and leather. Canvas is the traditional choice and it's a great option for people who love the classic look. It's also a material that is very easy to clean and maintain over the years.

Leather is the best choice for people who want the highest possible quality. Leather is tough and will outlast most of us if properly cared for. Leather messenger bags are often handed down for several generations and continue to look great. Caring for leather requires a little more work than canvas but it can be worth it.

Military Tactical Outdoor Backpacks (Camping/Hiking/Trekking)

Military tactical gear has steadily become more popular with the civilian public. The military tactical backpack is a great example of this. Gear like this was once reserved for soldiers, but now it's worn by backpackers, campers, and anyone traveling outdoors who wants to stay prepared.

The rise of tactical gear has also turned “tactical” into a sort of buzzword. A lot of manufacturers like to throw the term on their products in hopes of increasing sales. Don't make the mistake of thinking a bag is an actual military tactical backpack just because the manufacture used that word. Take the time to research the bag and learn just how “tactical” it is.

What Is The Tactical Difference?

So what sets a normal backpack apart from a military tactical backpack? For starters, some of it actually comes from a military surplus. This is the best way to guarantee that you are buying an authentic tactical backpack. These bags are designed with modularity, efficiency, and durability in mind. And they are in luck because camouflage is really in style at the moment.

But a bag doesn't necessarily need to come from the Army surplus to be considered a military tactical backpack. It only needs to meet an unofficial standard regarding the same qualities mentioned above. It needs to be able to survive in harsh environments, carry a lot of gear, and provide easy access during stressful scenarios.

What Should You Look For When Shopping?

With tactical bags taking up such a broad category you are going to run into a ton of different options. Some brands focus more on style while others are interested in features. It's up to you exactly which of these qualities is the most important. You'll need to find the balance that is just right for you. Here are some of the qualities that should influence your final decision.

1. Comfort

Military tactical backpacks are designed to be worn for long periods of time in harsh environments. It doesn't help anything if the bag itself is uncomfortable to wear. Ideally, you want to be able to forget that the bag is even there. Though, that may be impossible if it's loaded with survival gear. You may not be able to find a bag that's as soft as a pillow but that doesn't make comfort any less important.

2. Brand Reputation And Reviews

How do you know a product is being honest when they claim to be the toughest or the most durable in the industry? You probably don't have the funds or the time to test every bag for yourself. You'll need to rely on brand reputation to guide you during the shopping process. Look for honest brands that have a strong track record. Turn to customer reviews as an honest source of information regarding the quality and durability of a specific product.

3. Material

Remember, durability is one of the most important factors when considering a military tactical bag. Much of that durability comes from the fabric used. You won't be relying on cotton, canvas, or leather in extreme environments. The most reliable material on the market today is high-quality nylon. There are other synthetic fabrics becoming popular as well but none of them have the same reputation.

Put It To Good Use

Don't invest in a military tactical backpack just to let it waste away in the closet. Once you've got your bag it's time to plan your next outdoor adventure. You'll feel safer and more prepared on every climb, hike, and camping trip that you take once your bag has arrived. But that's only if you took the time to do your research and find the best possible bag.