BabyCloud™ Baby Play Yard & Learning Activity Center Fence w/ Safety Cushion Mat

  • 【Wide Space】The widest spacing is 55.12", with double-layer non-slip mats, which effectively reduces the possibility of accidental injury if the baby falls.
  • 【Double-layer Extra Comfy Cushion】Optional Mat -The double-layer non slip surface and foam cushion increases cushioning, effectively reducing the possibility of accidental injury if the baby falls, giving the baby a safe environment and freeing mother's hands.
  • 【Versatile Design w/ Multiple Functions】Double smooth zipper design, easy for baby to get in and out. Double pull ring design helps baby learn to stand and walk faster.Large net pocket design for easy storage of toys.L*W*H=48.8*48.8*25.5 inch,enough game space for your baby.The play pen is best gift for toddlers.
  • 【Promote Learning & Development】The baby fence play area is designed with patterns of fruits, animals, traffic cars, numbers and English letters, which can effectively develop the baby's intelligence, enhance the interaction between parents and children, and bring endless fun to the baby.
  • 【Strong & Durable】High elasticity and density net, strong and durable, can effectively prevent baby from collision.The high-strength PVC tubes is durable and not easily deformed, making the entire fence stronger.The plastic connector is smooth and free of burrs, effectively preventing the baby from being injured
  • 【Quick & Easy to Install】This type of outdoor playpen contains only a few simple parts,it can be assembled within a few minutes.


  • Size:L*W*H=48.8*48.8*25.5 inch
  • Double ring buckle helps learn to walk
  • assembled and disassembly with a few minutes
  • double-layer combination of non-slip cushion
  • Double smooth zipper design fot easy out and in
  • Large net pocket design for easy storage of toys
  • Selected high-quality materials are strong and durable
  • 5-sided pattern learning area to help develop intelligence
  • smooth and free of burrs plastic connector
  • High elasticity and density net, strong and durable
  • deformation resistant and durable high-strength PVC tubes