SMAXPRO™ Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker LOUD Stereo Bass Waterproof USB/UTF/FM + Mic


Conveniently Enjoy Your Favorite Tracks Anywhere With This LOUD, Clear & Long Playback SMAXPRO™ Mini Bluetooth Speaker!

Take your favorite tracks, audiobooks, or podcasts with you no matter where life takes you! The SMAXPro Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is a powerful rugged little machine that produces high quality sound quickly and easily.

  • Made of long-lasting materials and designed to be waterproof (even for use in the shower!)
  • Wirelessly connects to your device (compatible with iOs, Android, and other bluetooth ready devices!)
  • Rubberized body and anti-shock technology makes this speaker resistant to impact and injury.
  • Built-in microphone for hands free phone calls while on-the-go.

This little speaker has everything you could need and more. Designed to mount easily with the plastic suction sucker in the car, shower, office, or even on camping equipment, it's sure to be in your adventure bag. 

Available in a wide selection of bright colors, the compact design makes it super simple to pack in even the smallest of spaces. They provide high quality sound with a battery that lasts up to 4 hours with continuous playback.

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