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SMAXPlus™ Professional 40" Selfie Stick Tripod Phone/GoPro/Camera: Bluetooth Remote, Extendable, Foldable Mini Stand

 Capture Every Amazing Moment With This Professional-Grade SMAXPro™ Selfie Stick Tripod That Gives You Limitless Options to Snap Freely!

  • Durably Built
    High strength aluminum alloy is incredibly resistant to impact. This is a sturdy, long-lasting stick + tripod that will go on your toughest adventures!
  • Amazingly Versatile
    Use it as a selfie stick to always be part of the pic, or set it up as a Tripod and take bigger pics from a distance. Perfect as a desktop stand as well.
  • Ergonomic & Stable
    The ergonomically designed handle makes the selfie stick a pleasure to hold, while the non-slip foot-pad gives the tripod a secure standing for stable pics.
  • GoPro & Digital Camera Ready
    Includes 1/4" screw attachment for digital cameras and compatible with GoPro adapters (not included) - making this a 'Professional Grade' tripod.
  • Free Your Hands
    With the detachable bluetooth remote, you can snap from up to 30 feet away wirelessly! After 20-25 hours of use, quickly recharge the remote with the USB cable easily.
  • Compact & Lightweight
    At only 7oz light and 8in folded, this is a super convenient selfie stick tripod that's easy to carry in your bag or pocket.
  • Limitless Setup Options
    Adjust the height up to 40", switch between horizontal & landscape with 360° rotation, and adjust the head angle 180° up or down. Enjoy nearly limitless options to take selfies, pictures & videos wherever you explore!
  • Phone Compatibility
    Works with iPhone OS 5.0+, and Android 4.3+. Phone size up to 4.13in.

Beware of crappy selfie sticks that break or loosen after a few weeks. Get the Professional series and let it be your reliable companion!

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