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Men's Wristwatches

Buyer's Guide: Men's Wristwatches

Different types, materials and features...

When it comes to men's wristwatches, you need to know not all watches are created equal. Before you go out to buy a watch, you'll want to take your time to know more about watches, and what to look for when shopping for one. With that said, read this men's wristwatches buyer's guide to learn more.

What Are The Parts Of A Watch

There are 10 main parts of a watch. This includes the casing, dial and hands. Other parts of the watch includes the marker, bezel, crystal, crown, bracelet, clasp and strap. All of these parts contributes to a watch's functionality or its aesthetics.

To be more specific, here's the different parts of a watch:

. The Case- This part of the watch encompasses the movement. It also protects the watch. The case can affect that a watch looks like once it is worn by the user.

. The Watch Face- This part of the watch is sometimes referred to as the dial. Some watches have sub-dials that reveal the seconds. Some watches have dials that provide chronograph readouts.

. The Hands & The Marker- The hands are the parts of the watch that indicates what time it is. The marker on the other hand is exactly what it should like. It is one of the lines or numerals located near the face of the watch. A marker is sometimes referred to as an index.

. Crystal- The dial is protected via the crystal. The crystal is made from either sapphire grown in a lab, which is extremely hard. The crystal may also be made from acrylic or mineral, which is also known as glass. Regardless of the material it's made with, crystal will protect the dial from water and dirt.

. The Bezel- The bezel come either be functional or decorative. It forms the outer frame of the watch. It's main purpose is to keep the crystal in one place.

. The Crown- The crown is what winds the movement of the watch. It plays a role in adjusting the time, date and other functions. Depending on the model of watch you get, it may have a crown protector. A protector can prevent accidentally adjusting the time and/or date.

. The Bracelet- If a watch has metal links, then it is a bracelet. Bracelets tend to be very large. The purpose of it being big is to draw attention to it.

. The Strap- Straps can be made with various materials. Watchbands can be made with vegan leather or real leather. It can also be made with silicone or other kinds of materials that are flexible.

. Clasp- As the name suggests, the clasp is designed to keep the band securely strapped to the wrist. A clasp can come in the form of a buckle or in the form of deployment. There are other types of clasps, but those tend to be the most common ones people go for.

Those are the main parts that make up a watch. Bear in mind that some of those parts are essential for functionality, while other parts are for functionality and aesthetics purposes.

How Does The Watch Work

When it comes to buying a watch, you want consider its movement.

1. Manual Mechanical Watches- These days, manual mechanical watches are made as a luxury item. They have a spring inside of them that has to be wound up by hand. These watches are known for their aesthetics and their delicate parts.

2. Automatic Watches- These watches have been around since the 1920s. Their mainspring is wound up via natural movements of the wrist. This means you don't need to wind up an automatic watch by hand.

3. Quartz Electronic- Instead of having gears and springs inside of them, a quartz watch is powered via a small battery. These types of watches are not that expensive. However, they are the most precised watches on the market.

Those are the three main types of watches on the market. There are many brands of watches that fall into those three categories.

What Is The Watch Made Of

What the watch is made of matters. Materials can affect how a watch looks, how much the watch weighs and how it interacts with the skin. With that said, here's what watches are often made of:

1. Stainless Steel- Stainless steel is very durable and it's hypoallergenic. However, stainless steel watches can be very expensive. Nonetheless, they are worth it.

2. Base Metal- It's less expensive than stainless steel. Sometimes base metal watches are plated in gold. The downside is base metal tends to easily tarnish and it may cause you to have an allergic reaction.

3. Silicone- Silicone can take a lot of abuse. It is available in just about every color you can think of. However, silicone watches do have a casual look to them.

4. Leather- Leather watches are extremely comfortable. They can be worn for just about any occasion. The main downside is they can fade over the course of the years.

Those are the main materials watches are made from. Each one has their own set of pros and cons. You'll want to consider what material you want before choosing a watch.

What Extra Features Does The Watch Have

If there's a function that does more than just keeps time, then it's called a complication. There are various complications that a modern watch may have. A few of them includes:

. Chronograph- This is a stopwatch. This watch is useful for runners, coaches and so forth. A stopwatch is a better alternative to using your phone.

. Multi-function Sub-Dial- A This feature indicates things such as the day, Greenwich Mean Time and it may display a 24 hour clock. These types of watches have a professional looking face and they have enhanced functionality.

. Date Display- This can be an extra hand, window or a sub-dial that shows the date. Do you enjoy time travelling? If so, then this is the watch for you.

. Moon Phase Indicator- It's a window or a sub-dial that shows the quarter, half, full or new moon. These watches have a unique look to them. They are ideal for those who want a watch that has some flair to it.

. Alarm- An alarm is a feature that's built into the watch. It can be set to go off at a specific time. If you have a busy schedule or you need an alarm for anything, then get a watch that has this feature.

. Tachymeter- This is an instrument that is usually built as a scale on either the outer bezel or the inner bezel. The purpose of the instrument is to measure speed. If you need to gauge how fast your vehicle or a vehicle is travelling at, then this is a good feature to have on a watch.

Is The Watch Water Resistant

The chances are you'll find yourself in humidity, rain or snow at some point or another. This is why it's a good idea to buy a water-resistant watch. Different ratings indicates how much moisture exposure a watch can take before it becomes damaged.

Watches with a low rating are suitable for everyday use, and are resistant to rain and splashes. Then there are watches that can be worn while swimming, fishing or while doing whitewater rafting. Other watches can be used while scuba diving or even while saturation diving.

What's On The Outside: Wrist Watch Styles

Wrist watches come in many styles. The most popular include:

1. Sport Watches- Sport watches have a casual look to them, and they're available in various styles. One of the most popular styles is dive styles sports watches. Then there are sports watches that are designed for race-car drivers and pilots. Sports watches will often have features to track various activities.

It's a good idea to get a sports watch that has a 40-42MM case size. This won't overtake your watch. Remember, the bezel and the watch's face will play a role in how large a watch will look on your wrist too.

2. Dress Watches- Dress watches are exactly what they sound like; Watches that have a classy/dressy look to the, which makes them ideal to wear when you are suited up. It's advisable to choose a dress watch that has a clean watch face design, as well as a leather strap. Go for a watch that has a case size smaller than your average 40-44MM sports watch, and choose one that has no complications or just a handful of complications.

3. Digital Watches- Digital watches are useful because they tend to have additional functions that sports watches don't have. They are extremely accurate too. If you're after a watch that is ideal for street wear, then look no further than a digital watch.

4. Smart Watches- Throughout the last few years, smart watches have grown in popularity. Smart watches such as the Moto 360 are a bit expensive, but they have a great look to them and they kind of resemble a mini-iPhone. Not only that, but they are packed with impressive features.

Why Size Matters

Everyone's wrists are different. This is why there's not a single typical size watch that everyone should go for. In fact, some watches are extremely large that they can be seen a mile away. Generally speaking, many watches do have a 34-44MM (diameter) case.

If you have a slighter wrist, then go for a watch that has a case that is 34-44MM. However, if your wrist is quite large, then opt for a watch that has a case as big as 46MM in diameter. Remember, how thick the case is will affect a watch's aesthetics, so you'll want to choose carefully.

Quick Word On Straps

The strap is one of the most important features your watch will have. In fact, a strap plays a crucial part in how well a watch will fit on your wrist. The strap affects comfort too, as some straps can result in discomfort.

With that said, if you want a bulky watch and you're going for a masculine look, then you can opt for a watch that has a metal strap. For those after a dressy-style watch, then get a watch that has a leather strap. The canvas strap is a popular choice due to its aesthetics and durability, as well as for its comfort.

Accuracy Isn't Everything

When it comes to accuracy, quartz watches top the list. However, a good automatic watch will only gain or lose around 30 seconds in a week. This shouldn't be too much of a problem for a lot of people.

However, if you want an extremely accurate mechanical watch, then get one that's certified as COSC. What this means is the watch will be super accurate. Just be aware that you'll end up paying more for a COSC-certified watch, but they are worth it.

Accuracy isn't everything, though. If you're not fussy, then any automatic watch will do the job. If you're picky and want nothing but the most accurate watch around, then make sure the watch you buy is certified COSC.

Last Word: You're On Your Own By now you should have a good idea of what kind of watch you should get. Not all watches are created equal, and knowing what makes a watch great can go a long way. You should also have an idea of why there are some watches that command respect, status and why some watches fall withing various price ranges.

All you have to do now is keep the above men's wristwatches buyer's guide in mind and start shopping around for watches. Consider what features are the most important to you, and consider what occasions you'll be wearing it for. Don't forget about overall design, including the materials the strap and watch is made from.

Besides that, your budget will factor into what kind of watch you should lean towards getting. Remember, read reviews about various watches before settling on one. Good luck on finding the right men's wristwatch.