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Buyer's Guide: Tactical Military Outdoor Bags

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A men's backpack has become almost synonymous with modern day commuting, as it allows you to carry everything you need on a daily basis, including your laptop, your lunchbox, a water bottle and other knickknacks. These handy bags can be easily carried while strapped on to the back, and this leaves your hands free to deal with the other needs of travelling by public conveyances, or walking down to your place of work.

What Is a Tactical Backpack?

Backpacks have also become the things to use when you are going out on a trip, or want to indulge in any outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, fishing, or just spending some time out in the open, away from busy city life. Choosing the right backpack depends on the use you have for it, and tactical backpacks are more durable than regular bags, as they are made from tough fabric and are designed for comfort and convenience. Most of them also have extra pockets, modular storage and MOLLE webbing so that you can carry a lot of extra things, a convenience that can be extremely useful when you go out camping.

Tactical duffle bags are ideal for going to the gym, the office, or out on the field and you do not need too many things to be carried. Range bags are more suitable for single day missions. Tactical luggage, the real tactical military style backpack, are often MOLLE capable, will be of high capacity and have several exterior and interior compartments. MOLLE is Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment and is originally of military origin and design. Pouches, webbing, straps and belts are part of this system and greatly add to the carrying capacity of the backpack, and allow it to be well organized and leaves things easy to access.

The Use of a Tactical Backpack

You first need to decide on what you will be using a tactical backpack for before you rush into buying it. Are you only going to use it for carrying your office supplies, lunchbox and laptop, or are you planning to use it for weekend outdoor activities? What is the volume you intend to carry. A size of between 15 to 26 litres is ideal for office duty and light hikes. But if you need to take along more gear, go for larger volumes. A 30-60 litres carrying capacity can even allow you to carry enough gear for spending three weeks away from home. Also, look at the convenience of carrying, as larger bags can be heavy and tiring to carry.

What you will fit in to the backpack will have you deciding the compartments that you want and MOLLE webbing. Extra constructions will mean higher costs. Multi organizer pouches that can be recognized visually make for the best use of tactical backpacks. You can even go in for a backpack that has just one large compartment for the bulkier items, and one or to small compartments for the smaller stuff.

Choosing the Right Bag

A tactical backpack must have wide straps that make them easier to carry as the weight is better distributed. For really heavy bags, of larger volume, a chest strap can help in stabilizing the load, while hip straps can be of even greater help.

The backpack should have both internal and external frames that help in aligning the bag with your center of gravity and help in balancing. They can also help in carrying more gear and allow the addition of more compartments.

Backpacks can be top loaded or have front loading. While top loading packs will distribute the weight better, it does make it difficult to find things that are stored in them. Front loading packs with end to end opening makes it easy to organize your packing and then finding it again when you need it, but can be awkward for carrying over long distances.

Choose a backpack based on your likely use of it.

Fabric and Appearance

The fabric used in backpacks for tactical use should be waterproof and not tear easily. If you choose those that are made from nylon or polyester, make sure that they have waterproof liners. It must have a case that is able to easily protect the gear that you carry. The fabric and construction must be in conformity with military regulations. They must have an appearance that allows the backpack to remain concealed in the environments they will be used in and where it is difficult to find cover.

Features on a Tactical Backpack

The backpack needs to have sturdy zippers that will not come apart even with the heaviest of use and pressure. Internal compartments must have hook and pile fasteners. Many backpacks do use a lot of Velcro that is much easier to use then zippers, and rarely get stuck. Zippers can get stuck in things that you have not packed properly and cause you problems when you are trying to access that compartment. If the backpack has some removable dividers in the compartments, it will allow for better organization of the contents. MOLLE compatibility will give you a lot of extra pouches, packs, straps, webbing and other devices that greatly add to the carrying capacity of the backpack, and greatly to your always being well organized when you pack or unpack a backpack. You should be able to easily strap on a hydration kit, as nothing is more important than being properly hydrated, when you are outdoors and indulging in strenuous activities. External pockets on a tactical backpack make it easier to slip in some last minute additions for your trip.


Construction of a tactical backpack has to be tough and of high quality so that it gives you the desired durability even after the roughest of use. The manufacturers of the best brands of tactical backpacks use nylon thread for all stitching. They also make all the bags themselves instead of subletting the work to outside parties, who may not have such a reputation for quality work. While website reviews may be an indication of quality, they are not always to be believed as some of them are paid for, and the writer may not even have seen the backpack that is being reviewed much less having actually used it. Taking the word of friends and acquaintances who have actually used or are using the backpack may be more reliable.


Look for tactical backpacks that are modular so that you can go on making changes to them as you go on using them and find need for any changes. You can actually make your backpack to conform to the needs of a particular trip, and change it back again to its normal use, once you have returned from this trip.


Any tactical backpack that you buy must be comfortable for you to use. This is especially important in the way they need to be carried and how they transfer load on to your shoulders and body, so that carrying them for long distances or over a number of hours, should not in any way be tiring. Try out the pack, with a stimulated load, strap yourself up, and move about for some time to see if it is easy on your back, and does not cut in or cause you any discomfort on any parts of your body.


A tactical backpack is just one simple load carrying device and requires to be packed carefully in an organized fashion, if you are to be able to freely access, anything that you want from it. Here is where determining what you want to carry and the places you will use in the backpack to store them is of great importance. While you may have more than adequate space for all the things you need to carry, a proper organization of its packing makes it much easier to access anything that you need. This is where you need to give a lot of thought to the compartments, MOLLE webbing and other attachments that you will require on your tactical backpack.


If you are regularly carrying this backpack on your daily commute, you may also need to worry about how it makes you look and how the backpack looks. No manufacturer will make backpacks that look dowdy and frumpy, so your aesthetics in a way are already cared for. Even so, go in for a backpack that is more based on utility than for looks, and one that is subdued and not attention grabbing.

Your need for a tactical backpack may be for an every day carry bag, or one that is perfect for outdoor survival during your camping, hunting, fishing or trekking trips. The backpacks that you choose must have the maximum storage space, be easy to pack and access, and comfortable for carrying even in the most demanding of situations. They must be made of all weather materials, be able to keep your gear protected and safe at all times. Choose a model that suits your budget and also fulfils all the needs that you will demand of it in its use.