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Buyer's Guide: Pet Beds for Dogs & Cats

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Have you recently acquired a dog and are thinking about getting the best dog bed, or do you feel like your dog doesn’t have any boundaries whatsoever? If so, this is the place to be. To an extension, your dog is a family member besides being your friend, and as a result, you would want them to be as comfortable as possible. You must ensure that your dog has its own space before getting a bed. New dog owners have a tonne to discover because the factors to consider when finding the ultimate dog bed differs from one dog to another; read on to find out.

Consider Your Dog.

• Its Size.

You ought to measure your dog from head to tail when they are in a sleeping position. To ensure that the bed you get is undoubtedly fit for it, don’t use exact measurements; top up a few. After all, who would want to buy a bed that is smaller than their companion? It is better to buy a bigger bed since it will have a growing allowance for your dog—that way, you do not have to buy a bed every year. The bed you are yet to buy should allow your pet to sleep in a natural position; hence, if you notice that it is straining or sleeping in awkward positions, then you should act accordingly and sooner. Your canine companion should have an allowance for stretching too. Even if the bed is not the biggest, let it meet their needs.

• Its Coat Type.

This is a crucial factor as it affects how dogs sleep. You must know their coat type beforehand as buying a bed with any material might be a waste of money if they don’t sit right with their coat type. Dogs with short shaggy hair tend to be comfortable inside cave beds or on fur beds, while their counterparts with long shaggy coats overheat on fur surfaces. If you are confused about what is best for your pet, be sure to ask when you visit the shop you plan to buy the bed. The people there are well-versed with this sector and will advise you accordingly; otherwise, if sure, go straight ahead and make a purchase.

• Its Sturdiness.

New dog owners ought to know that a large number of dogs chew, young and old alike. The young ones may chew to alleviate teething pain while older ones make their jaws stronger and teeth clean. Some dogs chew to convey that they are stressed, bored, or even hungry. You are probably wondering how chewing and getting a good bed is related, right? Dogs can chew parts of their bed, and those bits may end up stuck in their stomach or, worse yet, intestines. Therefore chewing can be destructive if you are not careful. There is also a need to know whether your pooch is a chewer to avoid fabric beds filled with foam pieces or any other type of cushioning. However, the better option could be the beds covered with a canvas-like fabric and made with PVC pipe or aluminum. As you go bed window shopping, you will discover that most of these beds are raised to allow aeration under them. Such beds may be appropriate for larger dogs or dogs with thick coats which normally run hot; hence, they must not be for dogs with chewing problems.

• Its Sleeping Habits.

You also have your sleeping habits, and dogs are no different. It would be best to observe them or inquire from the shelter you bought it from as they could be more aware of such if you are keen on purchasing the bed then. Some love some room to wiggle or more legroom and others enjoy curling up in a ball. Once you figure out their sleeping patterns and behavior, you will be almost ready to buy a bed as there are many other things to look at.

Types of Dog Beds.

There are numerous types of dog beds, and as a result, you have to have a guide since going to buy any is not an option. Please do not assume that your dog will value this bed because they have times whereby they switch to destroy mode, especially if they are chewers and typically lack the essence of value. The following are some of the dog bed types you could choose based on your dog’s need:

• Orthopedic Beds.

These are beds made for dogs with joint problems made from thick, high-density foam. If you have a thin or senior dog, you could opt for these beds as they are comfortable.

• Cooling Beds.

Is the summer too hot for your little companion? This might be your go-to for the summer season. They use gel-like liquid or water to keep the surface of the bed cool. Regular beds tend to be too hot, and as a result, you will notice that your dog will lie on the tiles one too many times. You could buy this bed and relief your dog of the unbearable heat of summer.

• Standard Beds.

Standard beds lack any rims or edges. They tend to look like standard mattresses or cushions. Also, they are made from either polyester filing or memory foam on the inside. Their cover is removable, and they are fit for dogs who love to lay stretched out.

• Kennel Beds.

Yes, there are beds for dogs who stay in kennels or crates for extended periods. An example of dogs that stay in kennels are guard dogs, and they too deserve a comfortable place to lie, don’t you think so? Kennel beds are easy to clean and, fortunately, water-resistant.

• Nest Style Beds.

As the name suggests, they are built like a bird’s nest. The bottom is usually flat with raised walls that can close but not entirely. These beds are suitable for dogs that love curling up when sleeping and have no issue sleeping in closed spaces. If you have a small to medium-sized dog, these nest-style beds are fit for them.

Materials Used to Make The Bed.

To get the best material, you will have to observe your pet. Check if they have hip dysplasia or achy joints, whether they have a lot of fur or not, and how they sleep, to mention but a few. Details like whether they are young or old also matter a great deal. It would be best for older dogs with uncooperative joints to use beds with memory foam since some have a cooling gel. However, fluffier beds would be great for smaller or younger dogs, and plush beds may be best for the less fluffy dogs as they will keep them warm.

Features You Want.

• A Dog Bed Should Be Easy to Wash.

You must remember that you have to keep the dog’s bed tidy and well-maintained when buying it; it doesn’t matter if you will have someone to do it or do it solely. Since dogs walk in and outside the house, you should anticipate that their tracks will be dirt and, worse yet, host crawling insects and what have you. To make work easier, ensure that your dog’s bed can be cleaned using a washing machine.

• Find The Bed That Matches Your Home Aesthetic.

If you are a minimalist, you would undoubtedly go for a bed with the same vibes and vice versa. It will be a feature in your home; therefore, it has to sink with everything. It would be excellent if it matched your style and, better yet, your decor. You certainly do not want it to look like it is misplaced. To save yourself time, try looking for dog beds and places to get them sooner than later to have an idea of what you want. That way, you will not wander since you have the option of getting delivered.

• Ensure The Dog Bed is Within Budget.

Like any other thing you would buy, having a budget is essential. There is no need to go all the way, and you do not have enough money to buy a dog bed. List down all the features you want and factor them into your budget. Also, compare different beds until you find the best one yet. However, if it has been something you have been planning for financially, you can go all the way and get your dog the best!

The above points are a guide to a buyer who is thinking of buying a dog’s bed. You must know that keeping a dog requires money as it has needs too; no one said it would be cheap anyway. Therefore, if you plan to get yourself one, ensure that you are financially able because something as small as a dog bed needs money. You can research the average prices of dog beds once you realize your dog needs one. Feel free to visit stores that deal with them; they will help you plan yourself. In case you had any inquiries, this would be the proper time to make them. Ensure that you observe your dog keenly and, if possible, note down your observations for they will be of significance when you are buying the bed. Above all, consider your dog; the goal is to make them the most comfortable.