MMSecure360™ 5Ghz Outdoor Home Wireless Security Camera w/ Night Vision | 1080P HD, Wi-Fi, 2-Way Audio, Smart, Motion


Protect Your Home with this Easy-to-Use MMSecure360™ HD Outdoor Security Monitor w/ Cutting Edge Features!

  • Enjoy Clear HD Vision w/ Extra Wide Angle

    See live streaming 1080p HD video with full 360° view rotation. You can even share with relatives & friends to monitor your home (up to 5 users)!
  • Built Tough for Outdoors - Waterproof

    This tough camera can withstand cold & hot outdoor conditions, including rain, maintaining vision even in wet conditions.
  • Have 2-Way Conversations - Intercom

    Using the App, you can speak to a guest or an intruder, and you can hear them as well. Nice 2-way audio.
  • Detect Human Intruders - Night Vision

    Once motion detection is turned on within the App, this monitor will detect 'human figures' and send you a timely alert! Infrared night vision for extra security. Pets will not trigger false alarms.
  • Night Alarm Defense to Repel Intruders

    The night alarm light and sound can repel intruders. Full color night vision with long range to protect your surroundings.
  • Easy to Use - Local Storage

    Every function can be easily controlled through the simple phone App. Store videos locally or on cloud (with subscription). 128gb capacity.
  • Whats In the Package & Mounting

    Outdoor camera, accessories pack, adapter, user manual. 3.6mm lens, 3MP resolution. Easy to mount with included accessories.
  • Setup & Connectivity

    Simply plug into power outlet and connect the camera to 5GHZ (or 2.4ghz) network, download the App, and setup the camera easily. Alerts can be turned on within the App. Share with 5 users.

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Get FREE Super Saver Shipping
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