SMAXLuminate™ Super-Bright 11 LED Headlamp: Rechargeable Waterproof Head Light Torch 990000LM

Powerfully Illuminate Your Environment with The SMAXLuminate™ Headlamp - Enjoy Hands-Free Convenience, Maximum Control & Ergonomic Comfort

  • Choose Your Level of MEGA-BRIGHTNESS
    11 powerfully bright lights illuminate your environment even in pitch dark situations! With 7 modes, you can turn on just as many LEDs as you need.
  • Red LEDs, Strobe Light & SOS Whistle
    Two LED bulb emit red colored light for unique situations. The strobe light mode and the included SOS whistle are critical for emergencies.
  • Comfortable & Ergonomic Tilt Viewing
    Soft, elastic adjustable strap stays on comfortably. An adjustable 90° swivel lets you angle the powerful light exactly where you need, without straining your neck.
  • 3x Longer Battery Life (Rechargeable)
    Battery life is 3x longer than ordinary headlamps, charging quickly and lasting 3-5 hours continuously. Convenient USB charging lets you charge anywhere. Gives you 100,000+ hours of glorious shine without buying batteries!
  • Durable & Waterproof Construction
    The strong alloy & ABS construction makes this a tough piece ready for rugged use, but it's so light-weight that you'll practically forget it's on your head! Don't worry about rain, because it's waterproof, even when you're switching modes.
  • Great for DIY Workspaces & Outdoor Adventures
    Whether you're a DIY handyman or an outdoor adventure enthusiast (camping/hiking/climbing), this device is perfect because it provides hands-free illumination at multiple brightness levels.
  • Specifications
    LED Beads: T6 LED | Battery Type: 2x18650 (included) | Capacity: 4200mAh | Size: 2.75" x .82"

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Mega Bright LED Headlamp Set With Rechargeable Battery and Waterproof Design & 7 Modes

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