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LNCPro™ 9'x10' Adjustable Photography Studio Muslin Background Stand Kit: Softboxes, Umbrella, Backdrop Crossbar

Take Professionally Stunning Photos with the LNCPRO™ Studio Background Kit - Incredibly Versatile and Quick to Setup!

  • Nine-Feet High x Ten-Feet Wide Expansive Backdrop 
    The backdrop is 9-feet high, whereas the majority of other backdrops from companies are around 6-feet in height.

    The background is sufficient for just about any photographic needs. Anyone under 9-feet tall can easily be photographed in front of it.
  • Functional & Sturdy Light Stand 
    The light stand is sturdy, and features both a ceramic light socket and socket protector. The stand has a holder for an umbrella. It's lightweight and very portable.

    The protective cap does an impressive job at preventing the light bulb from becoming damaged during a shoot or while the stand is being moved around.
  • White Reflector Umbrella and 2 Softboxes 
    Reflect light with ease with the white reflector umbrella that comes with the kit. Light loss will not be an issue due to how the umbrella is designed. Setting up the umbrella is fast and easy.
  • Background Support Bars - 3 Muslin Backgrounds 
    Also included is four crossbars, which are lightweight and very easy to attach to the stands.

    Attaching two crossbars gives users five feet across, while three gives them 7.5 feet and four gives them 10 feet to support the backdrop.

    Even a completely new photographer will find it easy to setup the background support.
  • What's Included: 
    - 3 x PRO Fluorescent Single Light Holders
    - 3 x High RA 6400K Fluorescent Bulbs
    - 2 x 24" White Square Softbox Reflector Umbrella
    - 32" Gold Photo Umbrella
    - 3 x 77" Light Weight Light Stand
    - 9' x 10' Feet Background Support System
    - 5 x Backdrop Holders (Backdrop Rods)
    - 3 x 5'x10' Backdrop Screens (Green/White/Black)

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