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SMAXPro™ 30" Selfie Stick Tripod w/ Bluetooth Remote: Extendable Mini Stand iPhone/Android

Capture Every Wonderful Moment With This Sturdy & Versatile SMAXPro™ Selfie Stick Tripod That's Super Compact and Easy to Use!

  • Durably Built
    Strong anodized aluminum alloy makes this a sturdy, long-lasting stick + tripod - giving you more stable snaps!
  • Amazingly Versatile
    Use it as a selfie stick to always be part of the pic, or set it up as a Tripod and take bigger pics from a distance. Perfect as a desktop stand as well.
  • Free Your Hands
    With the detachable bluetooth remote, you can snap from up to 30 feet away wirelessly! Take up to 1000 photos with the remote before replacing the button battery.
  • Compact & Lightweight
    At only 5oz light and 7in folded, this is a super portable selfie stick tripod that's easy to carry.
  • Limitless Setup Options
    Adjust the height up to 30", switch between horizontal & landscape with 360° rotation, and adjust the phone angle 270° up or down. Enjoy nearly limitless options to take selfies, pictures & videos wherever you explore!
  • Compatibility
    Works with all iPhone models 4+, and all Android 4.3+ phones.

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Apple/Android Selfie Stick Tripod With Long Range Bluetooth Remote

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