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PETLAVISH™ Burrow Calming Cat/Puppy Sleeping Bag - Cozy Plush Kennel w/ Pillow


This Purrrfect PetLavish™ Calming Sleeping Bag Lets Your Friend Feel Privacy, Warmth and Comfort in Their Own Private Retreat!

  • Trigger Safety, Security and Reduced Vulnerability:SUPER SOFT to help your friend relax - easing anxiety and stress.


  • Protective Atmosphere: The 'burrow' design of the sleeping bag is great for privacy and helping your pet feel safe.


  • Self-Warming:Insulation layer lets your best friend feel gentle warmth from their own body heat.


  • Comes with Pillow:To help your pet rest their head and help ease pain.


  • Seamless Decor:Looks great in any room as an accent piece.


  • Easy to Clean:Removable and safe to wash and dry in almost any machine on gentle cycle, with tumble dry low heat.


  • Durable Build:High quality, safe and breathable cotton cloth to last for years to come.


  • Recap of Benefits:Eases anxiety & stress. Reduces vulnerability & insecurity. Promotes full restful sleep. Improves behavior.


  • Size Guide:
    • Small: 45 x 30cm
    • Medium: 55 x 40cm
    • Large: 65 x 50cm

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Cozy Plush Dog/Cat Breathable Pet Sleeping Bag Bed with Matching Pillow

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