PETLAVISH™ Fluffy Calming Donut Dog/Cat Bed S-XL: Cozy Plush Sleeping Kennel

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Dark Gray
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This Purrrfect PetLavish™ Donut Bed Lets Your Poochy Feel Warm, Calm & Comfortable - While Helping to Ease Pain & Improve Behavior!

  • Trigger Safety, Security and Reduced Vulnerability 
    Luxurious faux fur and quality airloft fibers resemble a mother's fur coat to rejuvenate the nervous system - easing anxiety and stress.
  • Protective Atmosphere 
    Round design and finished with deep crevices that are great for cozy burrowing.
  • Self-Warming 
    Unique insulation layer lets your best friend feel gentle warmth from their own body heat.
  • Ease Pain 
    Raised rim provides orthopedic head and neck support to correct posture, ease pain, and serve as a headrest.
  • Seamless Decor 
    Available in a variety of natural and playful colors to look great in any room.
  • Convenient & Stable 
    Dirt and water resistant bottoms prevent messes from reaching your floor, and non-slip bottoms keep it in place when your pet is active.
  • Easy to Clean 
    Safe to wash and dry in almost any machine on gentle cycle, with tumble dry low heat.
  • Retains Shape and Fluffiness 
    Just make sure its thoroughly dried in dryer and then shake a bit after taking it out!
  • Skin Friendly & Mold/Mildew Resistant 
    Plush + Oxford + Polypropylene Cotton to resist mold, mildew and bad odors. Highly durable and animal skin friendly.
  • Recap of Benefits 
    Eases anxiety & stress. Reduces vulnerability & insecurity. Eases pain & corrects posture. Promotes full restful sleep. Improves behavior.
  • Size Guide:
    • 16in bed suitable for pets up to 6 lbs
    • 23in bed suitable for pets up to 25 lbs
    • 31in bed suitable for pets up to 55 lbs
    • 40in bed suitable for pets up to 120 lbs.

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Cozy Pet Donut Bed - Cat/Dog Sleeping Kennel

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