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AccuratePro™ Car GPS Tracker: Real-Time Locator + Anti-Theft, GPRS/GSM

Enhance Your Vehicle's Security
: Discover the Car GPS Tracker, Providing Real-Time Locator and Anti-Theft Capabilities via Reliable GPRS/GSM Technology!

  • Cutting-Edge GPS Tech with GSM/GPRS: 
    Boasts advanced GPS + GSM + GPRS technology, operating on wide variety of bands (850/900/1800/1900MHz) so you can stay connected anywhere!
  • Wide Vehicle Compatibility: 
    It's compatible with a wide range of vehicles, supporting voltage from 12V to 36V.
  • Monitor Real-Time Location Easily: 
    Track your car on demand or at intervals via SMS/GPRS and monitor real-time location for free, complete with physical addresses and Google Maps URLs.
  • Versatile, Comprehensive Car Alarms: 
    Serves as a reliable car alarm, including vibration, door open, movement, ignition on, and power failure alarms. Remotely arm or disarm it via SMS.
  • Mileage Calculation & Emergency SOS: 
    In emergencies, use the SOS button to call for help. Keep track of your vehicle's distance traveled with the mileage calculation function.
  • Geofencing and Over-Speed Alerts:
    Set up Geo-fence alarms with customizable radius ranges (0.1 to 99KM) and over-speed alerts (1 to 255 km/h) for added safety.
  • Remote Control Features:
    Conveniently open or close car doors remotely via your mobile phone. Optionally, start the car's engine remotely via SMS.
  • High-Precision Positioning: 
    With exceptional GPS sensitivity (-159 dBm), this car gps tracker offers precise positioning within 5 meters.
    • Quick Start-Up Times: 
      Experience quick start times: 45 seconds for cold starts, 35 seconds for warm starts, and just 1 second for hot starts.
      • Enhanced Security with Engine Cutoff: 
        For added security, this unit offers engine cutoff capabilities through SMS/GPRS commands to safely stop the car in case of theft.
      • Broad SIM Card Compatibility:
        The GPS tracker works with 2G/3G/4G SIM cards; data is required on the SIM card, with prepaid data being the cheapest option. There are zero fees to use the App.
      • Designed for Hot or Cold Environments: 
        Robust design handles extreme temperatures hot and cold temperatures, and also has humidity tolerance (5% to 95%).
      • Complete Package for Quick Install:
        Instruction Manual, Vehicle Tracker, GPS Sensor, Relay, SOS Cable, Speaker Cable, Power Cable. SIM card is not included.

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      Get FREE Super Saver Shipping
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      Bonus: New customers are eligible to WIN free gadgets in our monthly giveaway.


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