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PPTekPro™ Remote Dog Shock Training Collar: 3280ft, Rechargeable, Waterproof LCD



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Unleash Your Dog's Potential with this Remote Dog Shock Training Collar: Boasting a Range of 1000M, Rechargeable Design, and Waterproof Durability!

  • Progressive Correction Approach
    Uses a progressive correction method, starting with a warning tone and gradually increasing tone and mild static shock as your dog's barking persists.
  • Effective Results, Increased Comfort: 
    The gradual correction method of this bark control collar ensures effective results while prioritizing your dog's comfort.
  • Multiple Training Modes
    Beep mode provides a clear auditory cue, vibrate mode offers gentle vibration stimulation, and static mode delivers adjustable levels of static stimulation.
  • Static Mode Has Many Levels: 
    Adjust it from 1 to 100 for more pronounced corrections, as suited for your furry friend. We don't recommend the static shock mode for young dogs.
  • Impressive Control Range
    Enjoy a control range of up to 1000m, allowing indoor and outdoor training, addressing barking, leash pulling, aggression, and other behavioral issues.
  • Waterproof and Durable Design
    This collar is waterproof with an IP67 rating, ideal for various water activities. The metal touch points on the receivers ensure efficient and reliable performance.
  • One Remote for Multiple Dogs
    Our system includes one remote control that can operate up to three receivers simultaneously, making it easy to train multiple dogs.
  • Long-lasting Battery Life
    The shock training collar features a rechargeable battery for extended use, with a convenient charging cable included.
  • Extended Remote Control Range
    The remote control range extends up to 1100 yards, ensuring reliable communication for obedience commands and behavioral corrections.
  • Adjustable for All Sizes
    The adjustable collar fits a wide range of dog sizes, accommodating dogs weighing 4-100 lbs or above, with length adjustable from 6.3" - 26.4"
  • Complete Training Package
    Included in the package is one transmitter for easy control, the number of receivers you select, and belts to meet your dog's training journey.

Don't struggle with unwanted behaviors any longer. Experience the convenience of multiple modes, a long control range, and a waterproof design.


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Get FREE Super Saver Shipping
FAST 3-6 Days Delivery

Bonus: New customers are eligible to WIN free gadgets in our monthly giveaway.