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SalonXPro™ Wax Warmer Heater Pot: Hair Removal, Depilatory Portable Waxing Machine


Achieve Professional Hair Removal at Home w/ this Wax Warmer Heater Pot
- Portable Depilatory Waxing Machine for Smooth, Silky Skin.


Premium Performance with Adjustable Heat

  • This powerful 75-watt wax warmer ensures quick and even wax meltdown, thanks to its circular heating element and adjustable thermostat control knob.
  • Dial it back to medium for maintaining ideal wax consistency that suits your comfort.

Versatile Wax Compatibility

  • Compatible with all types of hair removal and therapeutic waxes, including paraffin.
  • Use standard 14-ounce wax cans, loose wax, or bricks effortlessly.

Transparent Cover for Monitoring

  • The see-through vented cover allows easy monitoring of wax melting progress while retaining heat and preventing contamination.
  • Keep an eye on your wax for perfect consistency.

Removable Wax Bucket for Easy Handling

  • The 16oz wax bucket is not only easy to clean but also safe to handle.
  • It works seamlessly with all wax types for hassle-free hair removal.

Convenient and Portable Design

  • Compact and sturdy, this wax warmer is designed for professional-quality treatments in the comfort of your home or while traveling.
  • It features a grounded 3-pin plug for added safety.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

  • The machine includes a removable metal wax pot liner, making it a breeze for loose wax usage, direct pouring, and effortless cleaning.
  • Just make sure to handle hot items with caution, and keep the machine clean for much longer life.

Durable Construction for Longevity

  • Built with sturdy composite materials, this wax warmer is RoHS certified and designed to withstand frequent use.
  • Its 4-1/8" diameter and 2-1/4" deep interior heating chamber accommodate most wax containers.

Non-Slip and Protective Design

The machine features foam anti-slip, non-marring feet that protect countertops and surfaces, ensuring a secure and stable operation.

Package Includes:

  • Wax warmer (wax not included)
  • One removable wax pot liner
  • See-through vented cover
  • Standard 110-120 volt grounded power cord
  • Instructions/owner's manual

Enjoy professional-quality results from the convenience of your own home. Order now and experience the ease and efficiency of our premium waxing solution!

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Get FREE Super Saver Shipping
FAST 3-6 Days Delivery

Bonus: New customers are eligible to WIN free gadgets in our monthly giveaway.



"Warmer is easy to use perfect love it thank you." Emery P.

"Warmer heated up my wax pretty quickly" Jade B.

"Very pleased. Really like the colors of my wax machine!" Annabelle H.

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