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SMAXPro™ 7" CarPlay/Android Stereo Receiver + Rearview Camera: 2 Din Multimedia, HD Touchscreen

Elevate Your Driving Experience w/ this 7" CarPlay/Android Stereo Receiver + Rearview Camera: Complete Multimedia System with HD Touchscreen, Revolutionizing Your In-Car Entertainment!

  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Compatible - Double Din Car Stereo: 

    Enjoy intelligent voice control via Siri or Google, allowing seamless access to map navigation, music, phone calls, messages, and more.

    Keep your hands free and your focus on the road.
  • Vibrant Full HD Touch Screen with Physical Buttons: 

    Immerse yourself in a 7-inch full HD touch screen display, enhanced with physical buttons for easy control while driving.

    The full-capacitive touch screen ensures improved sensitivity and accuracy of operation.

    With a standard universal size, it fits most vehicles, providing clarity while driving and entertainment for you, your family, and friends.
  • Phone Mirror Link Functionality: 

    Mirror your Android or iOS phone's software easily onto the touchscreen display, enabling GPS navigation, playback, videos, with 1080P HD for crisp visuals.
  • Upgraded Bluetooth for Superior Sound: 

    Answer important calls while driving with our car stereo's upgraded 5.1 Bluetooth. Enjoy clearer and more stable call and sound quality.

    Explore various sound settings with 16-segment EQ, Vbass, Balance, Emperor, Loudness, Filter, and more, ensuring excellent sound quality on the road.
  • Enhanced Safety with Rear View Camera: 

    The waterproof HD night vision backup camera automatically displays the reverse image on the 7-inch touch screen when reversing.

    Simplify your operations, make parking safer and more time-efficient.
  • Extended Functionality and After Sales Support: 

    Boasts an array of features including FM receiver, steering wheel control function, TF/USB/AUX ports, fast charging, LED buttons & external subwoofer connection.
  • Important Tips for Installation: 

    Ensure compatibility with standard mounting size [178mm(W) x 102mm(H)] or utilize the extra frame adapter for sizing to 186mm x 116mm.

    Confirm compatibility with your dash size, factory wiring harness, and radio antenna adapter before ordering.
Transform your driving experience with our Double Din Car Stereo. Enjoy seamless connectivity, enhanced safety, and premium entertainment on the road.


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Get FREE Super Saver Shipping
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Bonus: New customers are eligible to WIN free gadgets in our monthly giveaway.



"Well Made Product. Easy to install. The screen is bright and easy to read at various angles." Lucas M.

"The touch screen is easy to use, very responsive. The phone link for Apple CarPlay works perfectly." Avery F.

"Nice stereo , works perfect and has a nice sound like it has a eternal amp." Julian H.

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