SMAXPro™ UV BlackLight Bar: 48 LED, USB, Ultraviolet DJ Party Lamp Strip

Elevate Your Party Vibes
w/ the SMAXPro™ UV BlackLight Bar: Featuring 48 LEDs, USB Compatibility, and Ultraviolet Rays to Illuminate with Style!

  • Upgraded Blacklight - Maximizes Output:
    48 upgraded LED lamp beads maximize blacklight output for a brighter and more beautiful glow. No bulbs required, ensuring worry-free use (no shattering).
  • Ultimate Dust Mite Elimination: 
    Experience the power of UV rays, hundreds of times stronger than sunlight. Instantly obliterate dust mites, creating a cleaner, healthier environment.
  • Durable and Safe Design for Long-Term Use:
    Housed in a durable, robust aluminum alloy shell, with exceptional heat dissipation to ensure longevity and safety.
  • Harmless to Eyes and Skin:
    With a 395-400nm wavelength, our blacklight is harmless to retinas or skin. No buzzing ballasts or flickering to worry about.
  • Effortless Operation:
    With a 5.9ft power cord featuring a convenient ON/OFF switch, the UV light can be placed on the floor or suspended from the ceiling for greater flexibility.
  • Many Fun & Entertainment Uses:
    Perfect for blacklight performances, face painting, glow parties, and more. Unleash your creativity with this dynamic lighting solution.
  • Wide Scope of Useful Applications: 
    Also ideal for curing and sole restoration, Vaseline glass and uranium glass lighting, plant growth lights, and detecting certain insects and stains/urines.

Note: these black lights don't provide ambient lighting. They illuminate flourescent objects within dark environments.

Technical Specifications:

Power: 10W | Input Voltage: AC 110V |Aluminum + Transparent PC Cover |Beam Angle: 180° |Wavelength: 395-400nm, UV A-Level |Length of Power Cord: 5.9ft/1.8M |Dimensions (LxWxH): 32*3.4*3.5cm

Package Contents:1X LED UV Light |1X US Plug Cord |1x Set Installation Accessories

Elevate your environment with this 48 LED UV Light Bar. Say goodbye to dust mites and embrace a cleaner, more vibrant space.


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"UV Black Light Bar Fixtures Ultraviolet Lamp Strip US Plug DJ Party Club 48LED - cheaply made but, works good and the plug can be used on the right or the left side. cool feature." Andre D.

"Great item. Granddaughter loved it for her room. Tapestry looks amazing with this lamp strip. Easy to use and mounts anywhere you need.." Christian V.

"Great lights for a Neon Birthday Theme Party!! Very bright lights!" Zyron A.

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