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SMAXPro™ Wax Warmer Heater Pot: Hair Removal, Depilatory Home Waxing Kit, Supplies/Beans

Experience Salon-Quality Hair Removal at Home w/ this  Wax Warmer Heater Pot - Complete Depilatory Waxing Kit with Supplies and Beans!


Efficient, Natural Hair Removal

  • All-natural hair remover hard wax beans provide fast and efficient hair removal results - just like a salon waxing session.
  • Ideal for various areas including brows, lip, chin, bikini, armpit, leg, and arm, leaving your skin silky, smooth, delicate, and radiant..

Rapid Melting with Temperature Control

  • Adjustable heat options ranging from medium to high ensure precise wax melting. This allows for faster melting, saving you time.
  • The wax warmer is designed to maintain safety, automatically shutting off at 240℉ and resuming when the temperature falls below 160℉. 

Quality and Safety Assurance

  • Crafted from upgraded heat-resistant ABS material, this wax warmer prevents overheating, melting, or bubbling, ensuring a safe and reliable experience.
  • The see-through cover allows you to monitor the melting process, ensuring optimal results.

Compatible with Various Wax Types

  • This warmer can melt most wax formats, including hard wax, soft wax, wax cans, loose wax, wax bricks, and more. It's a versatile tool for all your waxing needs.

Easy Operation

  • Simply place the wax beans into the warmer, heat until it reaches a flowable state, and use the included wooden applicator to apply.
  • The wax hardens naturally, making removal a breeze. No need for additional strips, making it suitable for total body depilation.


  • AC Voltage: 110V-127V
  • Aluminum Container: 12.5*6.5cm
  • Power: 100W
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Package Weight: 524g
  • Adjustable Temperature: 203°F
  • Package Includes: Wax Heater | 10 Sticks | 100g Waxing Beans

Don't be bound by the razor. Embrace a smoother, more efficient hair removal solution and experience the salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home!


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"I have chin hair. This product works good. The wax works good. It heats up and melt the wax at a temperature that is the right temperature. I waxed my chin and its been over a week and I still do not have hair." Clarissa S.

"Waxing kit is exactly how it was described and arrived quickly." Jason D.

"Waxing Kit was as pictured and advertised. Arrived on the date it was supposed to, what more could you ask for?" Chem S.

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