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SMAXPRO™ LED Massage Deep Tissue Massage Gun - Handheld Rechargeable Percussion Massager - 32 Speeds, 4 Heads

Relieve Muscle Pain & Stiffness with the Easy-to-Use SMAXPRO Massage Gun That Quickly Soothes Many Areas of Your Body!

  • Advanced Power-Saving Mode: 
    The massage gun uses an ingenious power system that helps to reduce power wastage, making the charge last longer. With an amplitude adjuster, the massage gun uses low amplitude at stand by mode and only switches to high-speed vibration mode when you apply force.
  • Relieves Soreness & Stiffness: 
    Promotes blood circulation and has a therapeutic effect on soft tissues to relieve soreness, stiffness and muscle fatigue. It can also improve range of motion when used regularly, reducing risk of injury during exercise.
  • 32 Speeds For Precise Control: 
    With a whopping 32 adjustable power levels. you'll have very precise control over the level of intensity and percussions that you need. The motor ranges from 1000 RPM to 3200 RPM, with the high RPMs reaching deep-lying tissues up to 6 mm.
  • Super Silent Motor: 
    The motor of this massage gun is specially designed to operate very silently. It only produces 20dB to 30dB, which is silent enough to use around your neck region without experiencing discomfort.
  • Lightweight & Comfortable Handling: 
    It only weighs 1.06 pounds, light enough to fit in most bags. The light weight and the comfortable handle allows you to use the massager for hours on end without experiencing fatigue.
  • Fast Heat Dissipation: 
    It has a fast heat dissipation system that ensures you'll remain safe and comfortable while using the device. This also helps in extending the life of the motor even with prolonged use.
  • 4 Massage Heads for Total Body: 
    Designed for different areas of your body to provide targeted relief exactly where you need it. Flat / Spinal / Round / Bullet allows you to target back, shoulders, neck, spine, achilles, arms, waist, hips, legs - total body with each attachment.
  • Beautiful LED Touch Screen: 
    This deep tissue gun has an LED touch control system through which you can adjust the speed by touching the "+" or "-" button. Quickly find the perfect speed and pressure for soothing relief.

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