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SMAXPro™ Remote Dog Shock Training Collar: 2700ft, Rechargeable, Waterproof LCD

Empower Your Dog's Training with the Remote Dog Shock Training Collar: Offering a Range of 2700ft & Rechargeable Convenience!

This ultimate dog training too is designed with advanced features and safety in mind, offering effective training for dogs of all sizes.

  • Extended Remote Control Range:
    Control your dog's training sessions effectively with a range of up to 80 yards.
  • Convenient Bi-directional Charging:
    Both the remote control and collar receiver can be conveniently charged using bidirectional charging devices.
  • Built-in LED Light:
    The collar features a built-in LED light, serving as a flashlight for evening walks and ensuring your dog's safety during nighttime activities.
  • Deep Waterproof Design:
    This collar is fully waterproof, allowing your dog to swim freely without affecting its functionality.
  • Versatile Across Environments:
    Designed for training on both land and in the water, making it adaptable to various environments.
  • Suitable for All Dog Sizes:
    Suitable for small, medium, and large dogs, providing versatility in training different breeds and temperaments.
  • Four Working Modes:
    Choose from four modes - LED light, vibration, shock, and sound - to customize your training approach.
  • LED Light Mode:
    Locate your dog in low-light conditions using the LED light mode.
  • Vibration and Shock Modes:
    Adjust training levels with vibration and adjustable static shock modes.
  • Sound Mode:
    Use the sound mode as an audible warning to reinforce commands.
  • Soft Silicone Touch Points:
    The shock collar receivers feature gentle silicone touch points instead of metal, ensuring comfortable contact during training.
  • Caution with Shock Mode:
    Reserve the static shock mode as a last resort and avoid using it on young dogs.
  • Follow Safety Measures:
    Regularly monitor your dog's behavior, avoid prolonged collar use, and check for any signs of discomfort or skin irritation.

Order now and establish effective communication and discipline with your beloved pet. Remember, positive reinforcement is key to a happy and well-trained dog.

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Get FREE Super Saver Shipping
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Bonus: New customers are eligible to WIN free gadgets in our monthly giveaway.


"Didn't like the idea at first but it really helps on the training. With out hurting him. Vibrate is all i need." Stella B.

"This training collar offers high quality at a very reasonable price. Collar works like a charm! I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase." Victor M.

"I will have to say it has been a great dog collar my dog acts different with the collar on and is well behaved. The quality is very good and the collar is robust." Wesley B.

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