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SMAXPro™ Solar Power Bank: Folding Portable Phone Charger for Outdoors

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"Solar panel works perfect to charge a USB battery pack." Jon F.

"I tried it out in my truck and at home outside and this solar charger works great. Glad I got this one." Rodriquez.

"it arrived at a time that i was out of electricity since the hurricane, it helped a lot it works! I recommend it." Fiona L.

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Unleash Unlimited Power: USB Solar Panel Power Bank for Epic Outdoor Adventures!

Introducing our revolutionary Solar Panel Folding Power Bank, a high-quality and brand new addition to your power solutions.

  • Efficient Charging & Environmentally Friendly
    Harness the power of solar energy with its efficient solar charger circuit (3-5 Watts), giving an environmentally friendly & inexhaustible source of power.
  • Optimal Energy Generation
    Crafted with precision using Class A single crystal silicon, this power bank boasts an impressive 20% conversion rate, ensuring optimal energy generation.
  • Slim & Lightweight Design
    Its slim and lightweight design, with a mere 3mm thickness, makes it highly portable for both outdoor and indoor usage. Your reliable companion!
  • Waterproof Surface & Convenient LED
    Built to withstand various weather conditions, its waterproof surface ensures durability, while the LED charging light lets you easily monitor the charge.
  • Long-Lasting Performance
    With its monocrystalline silicon composition, this power bank offers excellent stability and an extended service life, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Ready to Withstand Outdoor Adventures
    Versatility is key, and this power bank excels in that aspect. It finds wide application in a multitude of outdoor activities. It is also abrasion-resistant.

Please note that the USB cable is not included, allowing you to use your preferred devices seamlessly. Embrace sustainability, reliability, and efficiency in one sleek and powerful package.

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Get FREE Super Saver Shipping
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Bonus: New customers are eligible to WIN free gadgets in our monthly giveaway.