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Water Flosser


Easy To Use: Simply twist the water reservoir open and fill in water.

Get That Dentist Clean Feel At Home: Easily remove debris and food residue from between teeth and below the gumline.  Get a deep clean where regular flossing can't reach.

Portable & Easy To Carry: Practically the same size as an adult toothbrush, this flosser can fit practically anywhere.

Cordless and No Batteries Needed: Cordless water flosser without a need for unreliable batteries to allow you to clean anyplace anytime. 

Super Clean In Just 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Simply twist the bottom cap open.

Step 2: Fill water into the flosser and twist cap closed.

Step 3: Hold the water flosser and open your mouth, keep the nozzle at about 45° along the teeth and gums.

Step 4: Press the green bottom to activate the water jet to spray away food particles and debris between teeth and gums.