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KSHX PRO™ 10ft Adjustable Photography Studio Background Stand Kit w/ Backdrop Crossbar

Take Professionally Stunning Photos with the KSHX PRO™ Studio Background Kit - Incredibly Versatile and Quick to Setup!

  • Versatile: Use the Perfect Backdrop Virtually Anywhere 
    This kit is simply an ensemble to help you easily hang your favorite backdrops when taking photos.
    All you need is to simply hang your favorite background colors or backdrops using the fish mouth clips in the kit and you can snap virtually anywhere!
  • Three Meters Tall (Adjustable) For Encompassing Scenes 
    You can achieve any desired effect in your photos with the right backdrops. Only your creativity can limit you!
    This kit can stretch up to three meters meaning that you are not limited to just taking photos. Create a portable green screen for a small movie.
  • Strong, Sturdy and Built to Last 
    This backdrop kit has two 3-point support stands as well as four connecting cross bars that are sturdy and firm. 
    All the stands and kits are made from lightweight aluminum and steel for maximum strength.
  • Simple to Setup and Easy to Carry - Foldable Design 
    Even though you can set this up easily in minutes, the kit comes with an illustrated assembly guide to guide you with the installation and disassembly process. 
    All the cross bars in the kit are adjustable meaning that they can easily be folded and carried out after use.

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