LNCPro™ 77"x120" Adjustable Photography Studio Muslin Background Stand Kit: Morning Glory Softboxes, Backdrop Crossbars

Take Professionally Stunning Photos with the LNCPRO™ Studio Background Kit - Incredibly Versatile and Quick to Setup!

  • Complete Photography Kit - Backdrops, Softboxes, Supports  
    Get everything from light stands to backdrop support systems in a single, cost-effective set. Suitable for truly professional photographers, but easy enough to use for casual enthusiasts!
  • A Portable Kit That Safely Goes Anywhere With You 
    Everything you need can easily be transported and set up so that you can start shooting in no time. Kit comes with a sturdy transport bag, and safely store your bulb in a protective frame when it's not in use.
  • Morning Glory - Reflector, Softbox & Snoot in One! 
    Create the perfect lighting effects with the zoomable and removable Morning Glory reflector & softbox.  With the highly reflective interior silver lining and the built-in drawstring, these versatile Morning Glory pieces allow to you quickly switch between a reflector, softbox & snoot with ease.
  • Quick and Easy Set Up - Built to Last 
    Build the right backdrop for your photos in a matter of minutes. Use the different sized crossbars to create the right backdrop size. The premium quality materials are durably built to last. Fire-safe 100% copper fire cord for additional safety. Ceramic socket with protector outlasts competing products.
  • Compact And Stable Stands for Better Shots 
    The durable & sturdy stands are easy to store and won't move during photography sessions. Stands can easily be adjusted to your ideal height.
  • Muslin White and Black Backdrops 
    Kit includes matte white and black backdrops, allowing you to choose the ideal backdrop color. Backdrops are made from resilient materials, are non-glossy and won't wrinkle or tear.
  • What's Included: 
    3 x 24" Morning Glory Reflector and Softbox
    1 x 77" x 120" Background Support System
    3 x 77" Light Weight Light Stand
    1 x Compact Holder Boom and Stand Kit
    1 x Bucket Conter Weight Bag
    3 x Photography Studio Daylight Bulb
    3 x PRO Fluorescent Single Light Holder
    2 x 5'x10' Backdrop Screens (Black/White)
    5 x Backdrop Holders (Crossbars)
    1 x Morning Glory Bag

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