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SMAXPRO™ Mini 24" Halogen Photo Studio Box Cube: Foldable Light Room Tent Kit w/ 5 Backdrops

Take Your Photography to the Next Level With This Convenient SMAXPRO™ Mini Lightbox That Brings Out the Best In Your Products!

  • Conveniently Take Well-Lit Product Shots in an Instant! 
    Say goodbye to hiring a professional photographer! This kit contains all you need to snap quality pics.

    Inside: Mini cube box, 4 backdrops in different colors, 1 phone bracket, 1 camera tripod, 2 halogen lights and carry bag for convenient portability.
  • Fast & Easy Set Up 
    The foldable kit comes with easy-to-follow illustrations to follow when setting up the studio.

    Literally within minutes, you can begin takin quality portraits with your smartphone or camera.
  • Different Background Colors for the Perfect Contrast 

    The kit comes with four backdrop boards in the colors blue, red, white, black & gray. Easily spruce up your photos by quickly changing background colors.
  • Built to Last, Yet Soft in Impression 
    All fabrics in this photo studio kit are durably made and with resilient Velcro that is built to last.

    Additionally, this material softens and eliminates glare to get you perfect pictures that do not have any unsightly spots.
  • Perfect Lighting At Any Time (Energy Efficient) 
    The studio kit comes with two 6-Watt halogen lamps to illuminate your studio. 

    This means no stressing about bad lighting during the day or taking quality shots at night. Low consumption to save energy.

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