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KSHX PRO™ 2 Softbox Photo Studio Continuous Photography Lighting Kit Stand w/ Portable Carry Bag

Take Professionally Stunning Photos with the KSHX PRO™ Softbox Studio Kit - Incredibly Versatile and Quick to Setup!

  • Brighten and Soften Your Photos For the Perfect Shots 
    Spots and shadows can remove the shine from the perfect moment that you were hoping to preserve in your photos.
    This kit helps you avoid that with the help of 2 softbox lighting fixtures that direct light where it is needed when you are taking photos.
  • Create an Illuminated Studio Virtually Anywhere 
    This softbox kit comes with two fluorescent spiral bulbs and light stands to help you turn any spot into a quality photography site.

    The level of lighting offered by the bulbs can be adjusted between two different settings depending on existing conditions.

    To help illuminate your photography better, the softboxes have an internal silver face. This prevents loss of light to surrounding areas and amplifies its spread.
  • Take Photos for Longer While Saving Energy 

    The 135-Watt lights found in this kit are highly energy-efficient. Given that they offer up to 80% energy savings, you don't have to worry about poor lighting.
  • Fast & Easy Assembly and Disassembly - Very Portable 
    The entire kit can be assembled and disassembled easily. To ensure maximum portability, this lightweight kit comes in a high-quality Oxford bag.

    Additionally, the cabling connected to the 2 light softboxes has a length of 9 feet! No need to stress when taking photos across a wide space.
  • Sturdy and Durable - Built to Last  

    All components in this kit are designed for maximum durability. All fabrics are made of high-quality and easily foldable nylon material.

    The industrial-grade stands are made from aluminum and steel.
  • Technical Specifications 
    20" x 28" Large Soft Box | 5500K 135W Energy Efficient Bulbs | Min 30" - Max 86.5" Adjustable Height


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