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PETLAVISH™ Personalized No-Pull Dog Harness: Custom Name, Soft, Reflective, Breathable, Control Vest

Rose Red
Green camouflage
Blue camouflage
Fallen leaves
Light Green

This Personalized PETLAVISH™ Dog Harness Prevents Choking & Promotes Safety While Feeling Gentle On Your Friend!

  • Prevent Strain & Injuries
    This well-balanced harness prevents the strain and choking that typical 'collar chains' can create - protecting your dog's neck & spine from injury.
  • Ultra-Comfortable & Sensitive
    Not only is the 'pulling pressure' evenly distributed to prevent pulling and choking, but this harness also promotes freedom of movement around the chest area. The breathable mesh material and soft inner lining makes the fabric feel intimate to your dog's chest, belly and armpits without irritating these sensitive areas.
  • Personalized Name Patch  
    Put your pup’s name & number (optional) on the harness! The velcro patch is highly visible, making your harness truly unique to stand out.
  • Ordering Instructions
    After placing your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email within minutes. Simply reply to the order confirmation email with your 1) dog name and 2) number (optional). We usually customize and ship within 1-3 business days. You can choose to just have the name on the patch.
  • Easy-to-Use & Carry
    Easy to put on, easy to take off, and lightweight to handle! It also slips on comfortably without pinching skin or pulling fur. Quick release buckle makes it easy to adjust.
  • Promote Safety & Security
    The reflective strip makes your dog clearly visible during the dark, keeping your precious pup safe. Built strong to not tear off, so even if your dog makes an aggressive move, you can prevent the danger by maintaining control.
  • Precisely Fitted for Better Behavior
    Don't let your friend feel restrained and anxious. The various sizes + adjustable chest strap ensures a near perfect fit to experience more freedom. The strong TOP HANDLE on the harness gives you greater control in training and working with your dog.
  • Built to Last, Easy to Maintain
    The durable polyester mesh combines with the tough straps, buckles & stainless steel leash ring to make this a long-lasting harness that feels gentle for your pooch.

Beware of cheap harnesses that quickly fall apart and rip at the seam! This product has thousands of satisfied pooch owners. 


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