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PetMX™ 28" Heavy-Duty Pooper Scooper: Spring Loaded Pet Dog Waster Picker

Conquer Pet Messes with this Heavy-Duty Pooper Scooper, Equipped with Spring-Loaded Action for Quick and Efficient Waste Collection!

  • Comfortable, Ergonomic Design: 
    Features a long-handled design and an ergonomic grip, allowing you to pick up pet waste from concrete, grass, and litter boxes without bending over.
  • Convenient One-Handed Grip: 
    Convenient one-handed gripper ensures effortless deployment of the powerful spring-loaded jaws, making poop scooping a breeze.
  • Large Jaws with Serrated Edges: 
    The easy gripper operation and large scooper jaws with serrated edges enable you to pick up poop in a thorough and efficient way.
  • Sturdy Construction - Built to Last: 
    Made from sturdy aluminum and strong plastic, it guarantees long-term durability. Heavy-duty springs keep the waste in place securely.
  • Attractive Style - Easy to Carry: 
    Measuring (L) 28 inches x (W) 5.25 inches x (H) 5 inches, this pooper scooper offers the perfect size for convenient handling. Its sleek silver and black color scheme adds a touch of style to your pet cleanup routine.

Experience the convenience, cleanliness, and reliability of our Pet Dog Pooper Scooper. Say goodbye to the mess and hello to hassle-free pet waste cleanup!


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"Seems heavy duty. Strong springs and the claw is great for getting into the grass and retrieving material. Way better than the plastic ones at pet store" Dominique L.

"THE BEST Pooper Scooper on the market! I have 3 of them." Stav M.

"The scooper Works as it should, brand new, really strong pickup, built sturdy." Alexa S.

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